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Our Range


This incorporates the use of straight lines in plants. Yuccas, Cordylines, native grasses and succulents are included, they combine together well in well drained soil e.g sand, in a formal style of planting. Strappy leaved palms, lilies and grass trees. Colours also play key roles in this design, the silver tones in plants, with pastel greens and natural timber browns are likely allies.


e.g. Balinese. Often Coloured leaves spring to mind. Foliage plants, indoor shrubs and palms here are the winners. Cordyline varieties, with a range of colours, Gingers with flowering in the shade. Ferns and palms for canopy fillers, and the huge range of indoor/shade tropical species, there really is no end result as long as you have WATER. Most of these plants grow in the tropical and/or humid climate with a high rainfall average, replicate this for best results, Irrigation systems are a great help. Other Favourites are Bamboo, Heleconias, and Frangipani.

Cottage Garden

Lots of countries can be the inspiration behind these gardens. Hedging plants, either short ones along pathways, or tall ones to block those nosey neighbours. Lilli Pilli’s are best in this climate, along with Viburnum, Magnolias, Mock Orange are great fast growing species also. Flowers play a part as well, a lot of Daisy’s, Lavendula, Azalea’s and Gardenias. Lots of white flowering shrubs, Colourful flowering climbers over shed and archways, will bring any garden to life. Any flowering shrubs will be great additions to this garden. Potted colour including annuals and small bedding plants to fill any gap will do too.

Australian Native

Use of a mixture of Australian natives and native grasses. Callistemon, Grevilleas and Tea trees. Other smaller native shrubs and flowers here also help bring a hive of activity to you garden. Babingtonia’s and Westringia with small leaves are great for finches and small birds to hide in. Native ground cover such as pigface and Mypourum, ideal for suppressing weeds, and they also retain the soil from erosion. Native grasses bring the understory planting to life with textures and flowers, with Rushes and desert flowers, (Kangaroos paw, Proteas)

Sustainable Gardens

Here at Kingscliff Nursery we stock Citrus, Olives and may more. Turning your backyard into an Orchard, Vege Garden, and chook pen (if you have chooks) can help your own garden be self-sustainable. The chooks will love your perishable waste, e.g. Fruit peels, vege scraps and left over’s. They will be able to supply you with constant minerals for all your gardens. The Fruit tree provides cover and roosting areas for chickens to lie at night.